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Constellation Custom Tenders

The mission of Constellation Custom Tenders is to create a sophisticated tender fusing together the distinctive and enduring designs of the maritime past with the contemporary needs of the mega yacht industry.
Our industry-leading naval architects and craftsmen produce tenders which exceed the needs and expectations of the mega yacht industry, dominating three aspects vital to every mega yacht; Safety, Comfort and Functionality.

Safety: exceeds MCA & ISO requirements
Comfort: offering limousine design options, accommodating guests in style
Functionality: ease of stowage, either in a tender bay or on-deck with enhanced crew utility.
Constellation Custom Tenders offers four models ranging in size from 6 meters to 10 meters. The RM 169R, a retro styled runabout and the RM 169U crew tender can be built to 7.7.meters. The RD 121 limousine / crew utility can be built to 8.5 meters and the RD 129 electric, silent running limousine can be built to 10 meters.
Utilizing a carbon fiber foam sandwich to both reduce weight and increase performance, with several new designs available for potential customers, our demanding attention to detail ensures each tender is custom designed to exceed the requirements of the owner.

The RM 169R, a retro styled runabout currently powered by a jet turbine, hybrid-electric power pack ensuring exacting performance when desired, including silent running when utilizing the hybrid system is the world’s lightest and fastest fully hybrid tender commanding a distinct and bespoke demeanor.
The RM 169U is uniquely designed as the utility tender, to transport guests while serving as an MCA rescue boat and affording water sport opportunities without sacrificing the provocative lines of a Constellation Custom Tender.
The RD 121 is a modern icon of sophisticated appearance with enhanced classic lines offering interior lay out options precisely configured for owner limousine service or crew utility. With an available power train in diesel, electric or turbine as well as Constellation Custom Tenders’ carbon fiber foam sandwich construction rigidity and strength are naturally indicative to our range of the world’s lightest and fastest hybrid bespoke tenders.

The RD 129: With extensive research and development near-complete, we are currently in the final design stages of a world’s first; an all-electric, silent running, carbon fiber, 10 Meter limousine tender which will afford reduced height and superior comfort to the principals and guests without sacrificing performance. Designed for all conditions, with a tall and seaworthy hull for dry decks together with a low superstructure, the tender avoids the traditional low and wet hull with tall glass structures as seen on conventional limousines. Constellation Custom Tenders are built to be stowed in compliment with existing space and aesthetics of the mother ship. Our design team will design and implement both the custom interior layout and décor.

Mega Yacht News and Super Yacht Times released post Monaco Yacht Show articles on our tenders, furthering that which is already known, that Constellation Custom Tenders offers sophisticated tenders, fusing together the distinctive and enduring designs of the maritime past with the contemporary needs of the mega yacht industry.
Super Yacht Times, 25 SEP 2014 : “A Closer Look at Constellation Custom Tenders” by Gemma Fottles.
Mega Yacht News, 7 OCT 2014: “Constellation Custom Tenders, Made in USA” by Diane M. Byrne.
Contact us for additional technical specifications and information. We look forward to further consultation with you in realizing your need for a Constellation Custom Tender.


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